10 Useful Optimisation Tips I found studying for the Adwords Search Advanced Exam (Part 1)

While cramming for the Adwords Search Advanced Exam, I jotted down all the optimisation ideas I thought would be useful to fold into my day to day PPC management – and so I thought I’d share them.

1. Turn on the Quality Score column in the Keywords Tab

Most of the time I check Quality Score by hovering over the keyword status or filtering results, but I’ve found it’s better to have the Quality Score show in its own separate column. To turn it on, go to the “Columns” drop down in the Keywords Tab, choose “Customise Columns”, add “Quality Score” (from the “Attributes” tab) and click save.

Quality Score

2. Add Invalid Clicks & Invalid Click Rates columns to Campaign Tab

This is a good way to keep an eye on invalid clicks, allowing you to take immediate action if you see a sharp rise in clicks or any other strange activity. Go to the Campaign Tab, and in the “Columns” drop down, select “Performance” and then add “Invalid Clicks” and “Invalid Click rate”.

Invalid Clicks 1 Invalid Clicks 2

3. Use spell check in Adwords Editor

If you build most of your draft campaigns in Excel like I do, this is a useful function to keep in mind. Right click an editable field in Adwords Editor and make sure the spell check is selected. Any errors will have a red dotted line underneath and should help you spot the misspellings you made in Excel before you upload them online or send them to a client.

Adwords Editor spell check

4. Change or Retain Capitalisation in Adwords Editor

This is an important time saving feature, but one I’d somehow missed before. In the Keywords Tab in Adwords Editor, click “Replace text”.

Replace text 1

You can then find and replace words, while preserving (or changing) the capitalisation. This comes in especially handy when copying and pasting ad copy (replacing a city name, for example) and is not a function in Excel (or not an easy one).

Replace text 2

5. Assess how Destination URL’s are performing

Landing page performance sometimes gets lost in the equation, but it obviously has a dramatic effect on conversions. To run a report to identify the best converting landing pages and those which are under performing, go to the Dimensions Tab and then select “Destination URL”.

Destination URL performance