Mentoring at Summer of Somewhereto_

I’ve recently been asked to become a mentor as part of the Lottery funded Somewhere To_, an initiative that links young people with donated spaces around the UK. Yesterday was the launch of the Summer Somewhere To_ – a “festival of fresh talent in amazing spaces” and I was invited to speak on a panel discussion in the afternoon.


That’s me, second to the right.

The day was officially kicked off with a talk by Ben Drew (Plan B). He seemed down to earth and very informed when it came to  the issues facing some urban young people (such as postcode wars minimising the benefit of otherwise great youth services).

I wasn’t sure if search and SEO was going to be a very hot topic (compared to, say, the entertainment industries), but I ended up speaking with lots of savvy young people who wanted advice on promoting their websites, writing copy and keeping motivated.

ribbon cutting

Plan B cutting the official ribbon.

Also got to chat with some of the other mentors, including presenter/actor Aaron Roach, Fred Butler (a London based fashion designer), Cassandra Stavrou, owner of Propercorn, Jo Burford (head of talent at Latimer), and Eddie, a talent scout for SYCO Entertainment.


Slightly cheesy “mentor huddle” photo.

A great day, I’m looking forward to more mentoring!