SEO Testimonial from the RCPCH

Just received this great testimonial for my SEO training at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health:

Drew delivered a lively and informative session for us, which was tailored to our needs. We felt comfortable to ask questions throughout and get the most out of the time. The pace was great and the content engaging and made relevant to us. Drew had taken time to review our questions and materials in advance and come armed with answers!

Olivia Davenport, Head of Digital Communications, RCPCH

It was a pleasure working with such a smart and enthusiastic group. Thanks guys!

RCPCH SEO training

Brand & Positioning Training at Mountview

Recently, I had the privilege to provide Brand and Positioning training to the Mountview MA Creative Producing students.
Mountview website

It was a fun afternoon, but what’s really great is this follow up blog post from the course coordinator (and my friend) Chris Grady. An extract:

“Two parts of the session connected with me yesterday and led to this reflection. The first was that, as we had done many times in the past few weeks, each person on the MA introduced themselves to our guest. In this process I invited them to tell us something which we don’t know about them, as well as introducing their standard career elevator pitch. We learned that one of the team has a small chocolate making business on the side. This enriches our understanding of them.

Drew then set us an exercise as we explored brand identity and the art of narrow cast marketing. He asked us to think of a place we love and sell it to the person on our right. A simple exercise, made so much easier if you do not pitch in and evangelise, but rather ask questions of your potential customer to find out a little more about them to help focus your own pitch. It was so much easier to sell the delights of Byron Bay, Australia when I realised by colleague loved yoga and the sun.

In each of these experiences this week there was a sense of exploration and an uncovering of the richness of a human being.”

It feels very self-serving cutting and pasting from such a beautiful and moving post, so definitely go and read it all.

Mountview Training - Drew Davies

Me presenting the training. Yes, the ‘tache is real.