7 Year Freelancer Anniversary & Shout Outs

March 1st is my freelancing anniversary (seven years now), but as the saying goes – behind every great SEO, there’s usually some fantastic support. Mine comes mostly in the form of one Deborah Sutton, who has been providing me with amazing copy for over five years. Deb writes pitch-perfect outreach blog posts, and has worked on some of my larger projects too, such as when I lead the content transformation at Deloitte a few years back. Thank you Deb, I couldn’t have done it without you!

7 Years SEO Freelance Anniversary

And recently, I’ve had the pleasure to work again with Samina Haffajee. Samina was my first point of contact when I started SEO consulting for Unicef UK in 2013, and when I heard she’d gone freelance I pretty much begged her to work with me. Fortunately, she agreed, and Samina has been focusing her considerable skills onto some of my Paid Search campaigns for the past few months, looking for opportunities and overcoming my blindspots.

Finally, my good friend Diana Seifert has always had an interest in PPC, and so I suggested she might find value in becoming certified. I tell this to people all the time, but no one ever does – except Diana, who is now fully Adwords certified and has been very helpfully crunching some data for me on a big paid search project.

Big thanks to you all – and of course my clients – here’s to another great year!