The London Film School

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make this site less blatantly self promotional, but I just received this great feedback (sorry!):

The London Film School attracts global customers and does so on a marketing shoestring. While looking for someone to support online campaigns, Drew’s personable and expert approach stood head and shoulders above his peers. Not only did he “get” the macro picture quickly and efficiently, all explanations and phone calls were fun. If you’re weary of PPC or SEO conversations, talk to Drew and he’ll make it engaging for you or your team so you’ll want to learn more.

Veronique Fricke
Head of Marketing and Communications
The London Film School

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NET-A-PORTER PPC Consultancy

net a porter website

I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with the digital team at NET-A-PORTER over the past few weeks.

Not only is it a crash course in fashion (I can almost tell my Vilshenko from my Valentino… almost) but getting hands on with a brand at the top of its game is super exciting.

net-a-porter bags

But apologies women in my life – before you ask, no I don’t get a discount…