Clients I’ve Worked With

Both agency-side and as a freelance consultant, I’ve worked the gamut of industry verticals, from finance, and fashion, to fast moving consumer goods and film.

Client Experience

If I had a specialism, it would probably be in the finance industry (optimising highly regulated websites in accounting, investing and banking). A close second would be my work in the charity and non profit sector (working with large organisations, getting buy-in, creating optimised copy that still carries a strong donation message). However, I always like a range of clients. In each project I have to upskill in terms of understanding of my client’s products and services, and how people are searching to find them.

Every SEO or PPC project is an investigation. I love it.

The weirdest things I’ve optimised for? 3M has lots of very novel products. Those were always fun.

But I’ve optimised everything from oil refineries to children’s television shows.

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