SEO Audits

When I first work with you, there might be an initial issue or question that needs to be resolved.

These are commonplace questions when people first contact me:

“We’ve been trying SEO with another agency/consultant. We haven’t got the results we wanted. We’re not sure what exactly they’ve been doing, or whether it’s actually helping us?”
“We’ve recently redesigned and relaunched our website, and as a result our search traffic has plummeted. Help!”
“We’re a new business, and know SEO is vital. How do we start a cost-effective search campaign?”
“We did some spammy things in the past, and we think it might still be hampering our SEO. How do we find out for certain?”
“We know organic search is an important channel for our business, but we’ve never had a cohesive strategy. What’s are the quick wins we can implement straight away to get results?”

The way to answer these questions definitively is to complete an SEO Audit

What is an Audit?

An Audit is an investigation that looks at every part of your website, its rankings, and your competitor websites and rankings, to clearly answer the most important questions, and ultimately to help define a strategy.

The Audit assesses your website’s copy, meta data, code, internal links and the inbound links from other websites.

It will use software (such as a crawler to look for technical errors), but software alone can’t give the full picture. Software can’t decide if your website copy is “good” or not, for example. 

Audits start from £1,500 (+VAT) depending on the size of the site (i.e. volume of /services) and the complexity of the audit (multi region is more complex, for example).

A typical Audit


My SEO Audit’s always start with a brief interview so I can understand your business and services.


Next comes keyword research, ranking reports (understanding where your website ranks in Google for your key terms vs. competitors), assessing competitors and analysing technical issues. Finally, we need to wrap our heads around the off page ranking factors (your domain authority, the quantity and quality of inbound links).


Once this is completed, I deliver the SEO Audit as an easy to understand PowerPoint document with supporting data in an Excel. I often deliver the Audit face to face or by video call, so I can answer questions that come up in the room.

Get in touch to chat about your site’s SEO Audit: