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Once you get in touch, I’ll usually get back to you in a couple of hours by email.
We can then arrange a short phone call to talk through your project and help me understand your goals, challenges and budget.

What’s your requirement?

Things that are helpful for me to know about your project:

  • Have you done SEO previously?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Roughly, what budget do you have?

I’m mostly engaged by larger organisations, but I’ve worked with plenty of SME’s. However, I don’t typically work with start-ups or very small businesses (although there are always exceptions) and I don’t work through recruiters or on commission.

Project Fee

I prefer to give a bespoke fee for each project, but I do have a day and hourly rate (provided on request).

Based in London

I work remotely (in Wanstead, London), but I love meeting face to face, especially to kick off a project or to deliver one. I’m also a big fan of video calls.

Contact me today and we can discuss your project and how to get results. 


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